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How We Met Brover [#HIMYM S8E05]

HIMYM S8E05 - Barney and Brover Suit Up

HIMYM Season 8, Episode 05 | Date Aired: 11.05.12 | Name: The Autumn of Break-Ups

Can we just pretend it hasn’t been 10 days since this aired and just get this over with? Let’s do this thing!

The Autumn of Break-Ups

HIMYM S8E05 - Barney and Brover

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

So this episode opens up with Future Ted talking about how Barney always wanted a wingman who was more of a dog. What I didn’t expect was for that to be literal. I should have seen it coming. Roll the opening!

HIMYM S8E05 - Marshall and Lilly

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Now we’re at Ted’s apartment. Marshall and Lily are over and Ted’s talking about what an awesome double date they had the night before. Except the night wasn’t exactly like Ted remembers it being. Turns out Victoria is starting to get a bit pushy and brings up having left Klaus for Ted whenever she gets the chance. Ted brushes them off saying that it’s just a joke and that Victoria is happy taking it slow. Also Marshall is being super sassy and I like it! He’s starting to remind me of me!

[We interrupt the Ted, Marshall and Lily part of our story to see what’s going on with Barney and his new wingdog] Barney tells Robin and Nick about his new dog, Brover. Dog puns aplenty! Robin is worried that this is unhealthy and that Barney still hasn’t gotten over his break up with Quinn (oh yeah, I’d forgotten about her). Nick doesn’t really think anything of it.

HIMYM S8E05 - Couples Night

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Aaaand we’re back. Marshall and Lily are trying to convince Ted that he’s wrong about Victoria not wanting more of a commitment. We get to see how utterly oblivious Ted is, like when Victoria brings up the fact that she was offered the opportunity to run a bakery in Denver and Ted doesn’t realize that she’s asking him to move there with her. Instead Ted just makes a typical Ted comment about how the altitude would affect how things bake. Oh Ted. We also figure out that Marshall is being super sassy because Lily is training him to give people advice that they don’t ask for now that she’s too exhausted to do it herself. Marshall hopes to be so wise and sassy that people will only be able to respond with “mmm’s” and “mmhmm’s” and hopefully one day a TESTIFY! [Can I just say that I’ve never related more to Marshall in my life!] Ted still doesn’t believe them. He’s happy with the way his relationship is going. They’ve only been dating for five months, haven’t they? This is where I have to disagree with you Ted, you and Victoria have been dating for two years, at least! She left her wedding for you, the least you could do is count the time before you broke up and then use the proper conversions for LEAVING SOMEONE AT THE ALTAR!

HIMYM S8E05 - Nick the Bad Boy Chef

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Oh yeah, there’s the whole Barney/Brover thing going on. Let’s check up on that. Robin is really worried about Barney so she suggests that she and Nick invite him over to dinner. Nick is upset because he was going to make Robin a special dinner to celebrate his cable access cooking show being nominated for something… Yeah, turns out Nick is a chef and he has his own cooking show: Nick the Bad Boy Chef. Wow, I did not see that coming.

Ted confronts Victoria about not being upfront about her feelings and the she pulls out her wedding dress! Oh my god! COMMERCIALS!

OMG! OMG! OMG! This isn’t happening! I know I’ve been wanting TecToria to break up for the last few episodes, but I still don’t know if I’m ready. D:

HIMYM S8E05 - Ted and Victoria

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

We come back and Victoria explains to Ted what Marshall and Lily tried to tell him already, that the clock un-pauses NOT resets. Not only that, but she also left someone at the altar for him and he really shouldn’t be surprised that she wants to get married. Poor Ted, what was he thinking.

HIMYM S8E05 - Barney and Brover at Dinner

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Robin and Nick are setting the table for dinner and then knock, knock. It’s Barney and Brover in a suit! Of course Barney bought a suit for his dog and every tie in the place. Still think this isn’t a cry for help, Nick?

Victoria says that there must be something holding them (especially Ted) back from moving on. Ted doesn’t know what it is that holding them back either and owns up to not being the greatest at picking up clue. Not anymore that is, he brings up the Mosby boys (him, his sister and Squirrelock Holmes) and how they used to solve cases (okay, case) all the time when he was younger. Victoria interrupts him and tells him that she already knew about that since they were well past getting to know each other. They’ve been past that for over six years. I think this is the moment when Ted actually realizes that shit is getting real.

Then we take a quick break to learn more about how Brover is awesome and what Barney does to be a wingman. Things like chatting up the ugly friend, or being the jerk so that Brover can step in and look awesome. Oh and the super important finding out if she’s over 30 (in dog years of course).

HIMYM S8E05 - Lily and Marshall's Inner Goddess

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Ted goes to ask Marshall and Lily for advice about what to do with Victoria and we get total awesomeness. Marshall is able to channel his inner goddess (who just so happens to be a southern woman) and has a great moment. To paraphrase, he (she?) tells Ted that if Victoria is the woman for him then he must marry her, but if not then he should break up with her so that she can go find happiness somewhere else. Testify, Marshall! TESTIFY!

Back to the dinner, which looks delicious btw. Barney gets a phone call from none other than Brover’s real owner. Turns out that while she was out-of-town Brover ran away and now she wants him back. Barney seems to take the news pretty well actually. That is until he tries to jump out the window.

HIMYM S8E05 - Ted and Victoria Engaged

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

We’re with Victoria this time. She walks into Ted’s apartment and there are roses everywhere. It’s beautiful and a very Ted thing. Ted walks in and he proposes. OMG, I’m crying even though I know that nothing good can come out of this. And of course nothing good can come out of this because even though Victoria accepts(!!!) she also offers an ultimatum. Ted can’t see Robin anymore. OMG! COMMERCIALS!

I can’t even. Usually during commercials I browse Pinterest or play solitaire, but I was just OMG during these commercials. So many ideas running through my head.

HIMYM S8E05 - Nick

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Ted can’t believe what he just heard. He tries to explain to Victoria that Robin is with Nick now and that anyway he’s in love with her and that should be enough. Victoria doesn’t agree. She reminds Ted that Robin has always been their roadblock. She was the reason that they broke up in the first place and even though they can be sure that they’ll be okay at the moment there’s no guarantee that Robin won’t break them up again in the future. The future is just uncertain with Robin. D:

PS: We get a glimpse at Nick’s cooking show/awful catchphrases. My personal favorite is poppin’ a chub for some grub.

Barney is trying to say goodbye to Brover, but is having a really emotional time so Robin thinks it’s best that she go with him to lessen the pain. Nick is pretty jealous that Robin is going to ditch him and his delicious looking crepes so he storms off. Not that I really care. It’s getting pretty hard to like Nick even now that he is a chef and has bad catchphrases.

HIMYM S8E05 - Marshall Bad Advice

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Ted goes over to Marshall and Lily’s apartment to tell them what just happened and while Marshall is totally on Ted’s side Lily can see why Victoria is so worried. She reminds them that there is a lot of romantic history with Ted and Robin and that not even a year ago Ted told Robin that he loved her. Marshall is upset that he didn’t catch on to that and then confesses that he’s been going rouge and giving out horrible advice to women at MacLaren’s. Bad advice like telling women to stop taking the pill and marry gay men. Oh, Marshall. Lily says that while she doesn’t want Ted to stop being friends with Robin that it’s what he has to do if he wants to be with Victoria. Ted breaks down and we can see that he doesn’t really want to be with Victoria, but instead sees it as his only option since Robin doesn’t want to be his wife. Victoria is his shot at having something he’s wanted for a long time. OMG. D:

HIMYM S8E05 - Barney Brover and Robin

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Robin goes with Barney to give back Brover and we get to hear that Barney went with Robin when she had to take her dogs to her aunt’s farm. We also realize (along with Robin) that Robin’s aunt is a lesbian. Oh and Brover’s real name is Mr. Sprinkles. Robin pretends to be a lesbian so that Barney can hook up with Brover’s, I mean Mr. Sprinkles hot owner and Barney realizes that Robin is the best wingman he’s ever had. D': OMG I’m crying here! Robin goes back home and makes up with Nick, then she gets a text from Ted. Turns out it’s super important. OMG! Ted, what are you going to do!?!

HIMYM S8E05 - Victoria

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

I just want to go ahead and say that this final scene is beautiful. We see Ted walking into MacLaren’s pub presumably to tell Robin the bad news, but instead of seeing Robin it’s Victoria. The old switcharoo. Ted tries to make a final appeal to Victoria telling her that he doesn’t love Robin, but she is his family and wonders if Victoria can accept that. Then we see Victoria have a beautiful exit. She sticks to her guns and says goodbye to Ted. She even hopes that one day Ted will end up with Robin. No fighting, no yelling just a few tears and a beautiful (and super emotional) exit. :’) I’m glad that they didn’t make this messy.

HIMYM S8E05 - Ted and Robin

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

It’s the next day and Robin walks into Ted’s apartment. Everyone is there. She tells everyone about how the night before Ted called her to MacLaren’s to talk about how he’s planning on making the Mosby Boys a book series. We find out that Ted never told Robin that she’s the reason he had to end it with Victoria and that he doesn’t want her to find out. And she doesn’t until a much later day. D':

PS: We see Barney run into Brover who apparently knocked a “bitch” up. Hahahaha.

HIMYM S8E05 - Barney and Brover Run Away

HIMYM – The Autumn of Break-Ups

Observations and Predictions

  • Ted is going to tell Robin about Victoria on her wedding day. That’s the reason why we didn’t get to see more about it in the first episode. It would have spoiled too much.


This episode was amazing. I loved how it was done and even though it was about Ted and Victoria coming to an end it was really about Barney and Robin coming back together even if it was slightly. Their entire part of the episode is Barney trying to fill the hole that the break up with Quinn left in his heart. He’s still convinced that there’s no one out there for him, no one he can trust. He uses Brover to fill that void, not realizing that Robin is there worrying about him and taking care of him. The entire time Barney is broken up about Brover Robin is there for him. It’s not until the end that Barney has the realization that Robin in the best wingman he’s ever had and it won’t be long before he realizes that he doesn’t just want her as a wingman, but as much more. <3

I also loved this as an ending to Ted and Victoria. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how the ultimatum was overused (remember Ross and Emily from Friends?). My argument to this is that it’s “overused” because it makes sense and it’s something that happens in real life even if you don’t think it does. Sidenote: I hate it when people complain about things that happen in real life as being overused, of course it’s overused it happens! Why is it surprising that Victoria is worried that Ted will fall back in love with Robin? There’s nothing surprising about it and Victoria isn’t being a bad girlfriend for bringing it up. She doesn’t get mad a Ted when he tells he that he’s not going to stop being friends with Robin, instead she realizes that this isn’t the type of relationship she wants to be in and wishes him luck.

And before I go I just want to say that I LOVED this Victoria. I thought she was strong and I loved how she knew what she wanted. Sure she was a little bad at being upfront about her feelings to Ted, but it’s not like she was being super cryptic. I’m actually pretty sad to see Victoria go, even though for the past few weeks I’ve been hoping for this moment. I think it’s because this Victoria was actually the Victoria that we all fell in love with, not the Victoria we’ve been getting these past few weeks. I’m really sad they couldn’t make it work, but on the bright side Ted is now closer than ever to falling in love with the Mother and I can’t wait for that to happen.

Rating A

Still no rating system, but this is a solid A. Marshall and Lilly were hilarious. We got to see a lot of great moments from Barney and we got to see him interact with Robin. We also got some classic Ted. The ending and the relevancy of this episode almost bumps this up to an A+ but we got to keep it real here because the whole Robin and Nick part of the story was just blah.

PS: Episode 6 recap will be up tomorrow. Then hopefully we’ll be back on track.


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