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My Seal of Approval [#HIMYM S8E07]

HIMYM S8E07 - Marshall and his stamp

HIMYM Season 8, Episode 07 | Date Aired: 11.19.12 | Name: The Stamp Tramp

Just a quick warning, this episode had a lot of jumping between scenes and characters so you’re in for a bit of a rough ride. Also this took me even longer to put together because WordPress’ media editor is giving me crap and not wanting to place images when I wanted them placed.D:

The Stamp Tramp

HIMYM S8E07 - Brad
HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

We start this episode with Barney walking into the bar. He has a problem, ever since he and Quinn (remember her?) broke off their engagement Quinn has gone back to stripping at the Lusty Leopard and now Barney needs to find a new place to watch women take off their clothes. But wait, that’s not his only problem. Now that he’s a free agent strip clubs are coming out of the woodwork trying to get his business. Strip clubs like Moneyballs and the Golden Oldies are fighting each other to get at Barney and his wallet. He’s like the Lebron James of strip clubs, whatever that means. I’m guessing this episode is going to have a lot of sports references and they’ll all pretty much be lost on me. Then Marshall walks in the bar and he tells the gang he saw Brad (you remember him?) who is apparently now homeless and going through “a bit of a depresh.” Out of the kindness of his heart he offers to recommend Brad for an associates position, though it might just be that he doesn’t want his friend taking a job handing out flyers for hot dogs because the costume pretty much terrifies him. To which everyone replies by saying no way! Roll the opening!

HIMYM S8E07 - RobinHIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Marshall doesn’t understand why everyone is so against him giving Brad the “old Marshall Eriksen stamp of approval.” Robin interjects saying that Marshall is a stamp tramp, meaning that he gives his stamp of approval to everything. PS: Thank you HIMYM for giving me yet another word to add to my vocabulary. And of course he gives him stamp to everything, he’s Marshall Eriksen the guy who wants to see the good in everything and everyone. Marshall insists on giving his stamp to Brad, but it’s going to come back to bite him in the butt since he’s already on bad terms with his boss because he gave him food poisoning. Yeah, Marshall’s stamp is crap. Not at all like Lily’s which is the gold standard of stamps in the group. Oh and Teddy Westside is totally a piggyback stamper (of course he is) giving stamps to things that others have already told him about before but claiming that he discovered them. Oh crap, I think I’m a bit of a piggy backer too. D:

HIMYM S8E07 - Lily, Robin and Barney

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Barney walks into Lily and Marshall’s apartment complaining about all the “swag” he’s getting from the strip clubs. He’s got t-shirts, beer cozies and boob-shaped hand sanitizer coming out the wazoo. Robin calls him out on the fact that he’s getting crap and gives him some tips on getting the strip clubs to start sending him better things (like fur coats from Fur Coats). Barney is so impressed by Robin’s advice that he hires her to be his new agent. Then Ted walks in wearing a Dishwalla t-shirt, a band that he’s convinced he gave his stamp to. The only problem is that Ted didn’t actually give his stamp to them, it was Dr. X when he played them on his radio show. Lily points out that that means that Ted doesn’tΒ really get credit for the stamp, that credit goes to Dr. X (oh and that she was the one who actually told Ted about Dishwalla). Ted, not wanting to lose credit for his stamp reveals his secret, that he was Dr. X. MIND BLOWN!

Marshall brings in Brad for his interview and makes the most horrible impression as a lawyer. He uses a psychic, a numerologist and an astrologist to make most of his big legal decisions. Yup, that’s the kind of guy you want on the case. Honeywell is not impressed. Commercials.

Oh my goodness, did you know Ted was Dr. X? Easily the best part of this episode so far. I love college Ted. :D

HIMYM S8E07 - Ted and Lily

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Ted walks in with a bunch of old video tapes (his video diaries from Freshman year) hoping that they’ll prove that he’s most definitely notΒ a piggy back stamper. Ted is willing to spend days looking through the tapes until he proves that he was the one who recommended Dishwalla and the first thing he sees? Lily recommended them. Poor Ted, can’t catch a break.

Meanwhile Robin is being the best agent ever! She’s hooking Barney up with swag from all the strip clubs. The Melon Patch, the Big Box. You know.

Oh and Brad continues to make a horrible impression (he got fired from Bed, Bath and Beyond for telling sexist jokes) on Honeywell and Honeywell is pissed. So pissed that he wants to see Marshall outside. Probs a good thing since Brad let one loose and it’s probably dangerous to be in that room.

HIMYM S8E07 - College Ted

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Then we cut back to Ted who is watching through his old videos and we get to see the origin of Dr. X. Let me set the stage. Okay, so Ted is talking to his camera about generation X and wondering why nobody else is talking about it. Then one of his buddies (who is definitely “eating a sandwich”) suggests that he start a radio show. Hell, he even says Ted should call himself Dr. X. Woah, Ted really is a piggy back stamper.

Honeywell is pissed at Marshall for recommending Brad. Marshall tries to save himself by saying that Brad is more of an acquaintance than a friend, but that’s not who he is. Marshall (or Marshall’s stamp) reminds himself that he believes in people and he convinces Honeywell to give Brad another chance. That, of course, ends up being pretty short-lived because the first thing Brad does is insult Honeywell’s height. This leads to an argument between Brad and Honeywell with Marshall making fish jokes in the background to try to cut the tension.

Barney walks into the bar and Robin tells him that he is now going to be the exclusive costumer of *drum roll please* the Golden Oldies. Wait, what? Barney is as surprised as we are, but then he sees Robin’s new Rolex. Yup, they bribed her. Barney is furious and fires her.

HIMYM S8E07 - Honeywell and Brad

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Meanwhile Honeywell and Brad are still arguing. Brad refuses to “admit” that Honeywell is 6 foot 1 and Honeywell does not like that at all. He dismisses Brad and takes Marshall off the case. Commercial.

Damn it Marshall, why’d you have to be so nice to your old douche-y friend? D:

HIMYM S8E07 - Marshall and Honeywel

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Ted is still on the couch agonizing over how embarrassing he was during college when Marshall walks into the apartment. He no longer wants to know what it’s like to be a ghost since Honeywell has been treating him like one (ie: he’s dead to him and he won’t let Marshall in on the meetings about the upcoming case). Lily says that he just has to earn Honeywell’s trust back. He can start by putting his stamp on little things and then soon he’ll gain back his credibility. So Marshall does. He puts his stamps on Ted’s videos, then cheese popcorn mixed with caramel (I really want to try this now btw) and then when Honeywell starts to trust Marshall again he lies. All of this elevates Marshall’s stamp and puts him on Honeywell’s good side which leads to him being put back on the case. Yeah!

HIMYM S8E07 - Ted, Lily and Marvin

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Lily tries to comfort poor Ted who still can’t stop watching his old videos. You see Ted always thought he was super cool in college with his innate sense of judgement and taste, but now looking back he realizes that he most definitely was not and that he might still be the same. As he’s pondering the fact that he might not be as cool as he thinks he is Lily interrupts him because Marshall’s on the screen and he’s wearing the suit he was wearing on their third date. In the video Marshall has just come back from a date with Lily and he’s afraid that things are going to fast because he’s already falling in love with her. Maybe he should see other people. But Ted (being a romantic) lets Marshall know that that is preposterous and that Marshall only being 18 isn’t a bad thing, he’ll just have more of his life to spend with Lily. Lily realizes that her whole life (and Marvin’s too) all goes back to that moment and thanks Ted for giving her the ultimate stamp. I guess Ted isn’t a complete piggy back stamper. :) OMG, I love Ted and Lily moments!

HIMYM S8E07 - Barney

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

Now we’re back at MacLaren’s and Robin apologizes to Barney for having let him down. She even offers to buy him his first lap dance to make it up to him. Then Barney announces his decision (he even has a bro-dium) and he’s going with Mouth Beach. PS: I’m pretty sure that this entire scene was lost on me. Is this basketball thing?

The next day is Marshall’s case (the biggest case of his life might I add) and who’s there other than Brad. Wait, what! Not only that, but he’s there with Gruber Pharmaceuticals. And that’s not the only reveal. Brad has been working with them for the past two years! OMG! Brad was a spy the whole time! Taking advantage of Marshall’s pity he used the job interview to take pictures of Marshall and Honeywell’s strategy for the case. Honeywell is furious with Marshall and if Marshall doesn’t win this case he’s fired. BUT STUPID FUTURE TED WON’T TELL US WHAT HAPPENED ‘TIL LATER. D:

HIMYM S8E07 - Barney and Robin

HIMYM – The Stamp Tramp

And that’s not the only bombshell waiting for us tonight. As Barney and Robin drunkenly walk home from the strip club Barney kisses Robin and then Robin just leaves. OMG SWARKLES WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! MY POOR HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS!

Observations and Predictions

  • Like I mentioned before I can’t really predict anything since I’m behind and I’ve already seen the next two episodes. :(
  • Brad still has it! I’m not usually one to like the “hobo look” (beard, unkempt hair all that gross stuff), but on Brad it works. What? This is an observation…


Just a quick thought. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about Barney and Robin not being together already. “Barney broke up up with Quinn. Robin and Nick went to splitsville (literally). They’re both clearly single, so why can’t they just get married already!” And to those people I say: calm the fuck down. You don’t just go from being engaged/committed to dating your ex or anyone for that matter even if you love them. It just doesn’t happen and if it does that’s not really healthy. Yes, Barney and Robin have been in love with each other and over the last few episodes we’ve seen Barney realize that he’s still in love with Robin, but Robin is just not there yet. Give her time to realize that she’s still in love with him too. That’s what these episodes are for, to show us the critical moments that lead to Barney and Robin realizing their love for each other. Alright?

Rating B+

Maybe I’m just a sucker for Brad, but this episode was pretty hilarious. I loved everything about it. I love the abbrevs, I love the pretentious Ted moments, I love the Barney and Robin moments, not to mention Marshall believing in everybody always makes me smile. I also love that we got to hear the origin story of Dr. X. I’m giving this a B+ though because the episode felt a little disjointed to me. There was so much hopping between character to character that I sometimes forgot about one until they mentioned them again.

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