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I Was a Teenage Bad-Ass [#HIMYM S8E08]

HIMYM S8E08 - Marshall and Marvin

HIMYM Season 8, Episode 08 | Date Aired: 11.26.12 | Name: Twelve Horny Women

So after all of the trouble I went through with my last recap I finally mustered up the energy to try to catch up again. I was going to promise myself not to watch the latest episode until I was finished (yay, motivation!), but we all know there’s no way that was going to happen. Few things can keep me away from watching my beloved HIMYM! Not even my need to write about it! BTW, season 7 is now on Netflix. Another reason why I haven’t been blogging very much.

Twelve Horny Women

HIMYM S8E08 - Judges

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Okay guys, this is the story of the time Marshall went before the New York State Judiciary Committee, the panel that would decide the fate of his career (after last week’s episode were you as scared about this as I am, what did Marshall do?). So Marshall opens up the only way Marshall knows how, with a joke (or a few jokes). He’s there to talk about last week’s case. If you need a recap: Brad (Marshall’s friend from law school) pretended he needed help finding a job effectively tricking Marshall into getting him an interview at his law firm. Brad used this opportunity to steal Marshall’s firm’s strategy against Gruber Pharmaceuticals, the firm Brad was actually working with. Or you know, you could read the recap. Anyway, in this episode Marshall confronts Brad and asks him why he’s not the nice guy he got Brunch with anymore. Brad explains to him that after Kara broke his heart for the millionth time he realized that being a nice guy sucks so he suited up and started being manipulative (I for one approve Brad becoming Barney). He no longer fights for the little guy because the little guy pays with little checks. Opening.

HIMYM S8E08 - Lily and Scooter

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Back at the bar Robin and Barney are pretending that they never kissed by being uncomfortably pleasant to each other. Ted, knowing that Marshall is going to need plenty of support for his big case tomorrow, has gone through the trouble of calling in sick for everyone so that they can all be at Marshall’s trial. Ted has strep throat, Robin has bronchitis and Barney has massive hemorrhoids. Barney doesn’t want to spend all day in court and not because of his non-existent hemorrhoids. It’s because he was a teenage badass and the last thing he wants to do is spend another day in court. Lily, not wanting to be outdone reveals that she was a teenage badass. In her words she was like “John Gotti in a training bra” terrorizing the neighborhood kids and even Scooter before they started dating (PS: did anyone catch Scooter saying his name was Jeff, I thought it was Bill). Marshall walks in (totally not wearing the tie that Ted bought him for the trial) and he’s actually feeling pretty good about the upcoming trial. The way he see’s it, unlike Brad, he has Marvin’s future (or futche) to fight for. He imagines himself one day being able to go fishing with Marvin at Frog Lake and teaching him about the rippling effect that one good deed can cause by leading to another and another. This case will lead to Marvin being able to fish in clean lakes and not having a need to rebel or do drugs.

HIMYM S8E08 - Ted

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

The next day while down at the court-house for Marshall’s big case Ted tries to convince the gang that he was a badass and that he was arrested many times. Robin and Barney are still being super awkward around each other. Lily is still telling stories about how she used to “hassle the fuzz,” she even slapped a policeman! One of the Bailiffs recognizes Barney (almost didn’t recognize him without handcuffs) lending credibility to Barney being a badass, but I still wonder.

HIMYM S8E08 - The Case

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

In the court room Marshall is arguing that Gruber Pharmaceuticals knowingly polluted frog lake and thus must pay $25 million in restitution. Brad counters his argument asking why the birds don’t just find a new home and why the frogs don’t just catch a ride with the birds. Ted is convinced that Marshall is going to wipe the floor with Brad and then Brad drops his pen. When he bends over to pick it up we can see that the jury is compromised of twelve women who are very much attracted to Brad and his backside. Not only that, but the judge seems to also have some homoerotic feelings towards Brad too. Damn! Commercials.

Why did they change Scooter’s name? It’s not like it was hard to go back and look it up! Or you know, remember! Oh and Brad is shaping up to being my favorite minor character ever! It’s a shame we don’t get to see him more often. D:

HIMYM S8E08 - Brad

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

We’re back with the committee and Marshall is telling the panel about how he lost the jury so early in the case (twelve horny women, hahahah that was a good one). Then we’re back at the bar and Marshall’s telling the gang about how what they saw wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Brad is bad. He uses his breakups with Kara to get all the women (even the courtroom artist) on his side, he uses a doctor who isn’t even a doctor to convince the jury that Gruber is essentially giving the animals free medicine and helping the otters grow thicker fur and the birds have better sexΒ  lives. He’s so bad. Marshall, not wanting to be left behind, brings in Paddles the duck as a witness to help his case. He almost has the jury, but then Brad brings in a video of him at Frog Lake and daaaaaaaamn, it’s sexy. Oh and Brad not only shot the video, he also edited it himself. SEXY! Poor Marshall, it’ll be hard to bounce back from that.

HIMYM S8E08 - Robin Sparkles

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Meanwhile Lily is trying to prove that she was indeed a badass, but they can’t find her rap sheet (damn, I thought for sure she was telling the truth…). Robin, then jumps in with her own story of how she was a badass. Apparently while she was on the road as Robin Sparkles she used to have crazy hotel room parties, she even hassled a few mounties back in her day.

HIMYM S8E08 - Brad Rash

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Now we’re back in the courtroom. The judge asks Marshall and Brad if they have any closing arguments and it seems for a moment that this is going to be it. Then Brad scratches himself and Marshall has an epiphany! He calls Brad as his final witness and asks him to take of his shirt. Brad objects of the grounds that this is “redonk,” but the judge overrules it so Brad has to oblige. He unbuttons his shirt and his chest is a bright red, acute dermatitis. Ouch. The jury finds Gruber Pharmaceuticals guilty, but the judge only fines them $25,000. Poor Marshall. D: Commercials.

Wait, what! OMG D:

HIMYM S8E08 - The Judge

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Marshall stays after to confront the judge. The judge explains that while he does agree that Gruber probs polluted the lake he doesn’t want to ruin a company just for giving a few birds a rash. Marshall wants to explain his case, but the judge cuts him short. His wife is outside and they’re going to see Annie. Things are starting to make a lot of sense, aren’t they?

Meanwhile Barney, Robin and Ted are trying to scare a kid straight (they’re not having much luck, btw) when the Bailiff from earlier walks in. He has a picture showing that he knew Barney because they were both members of the Magic Enthusiasts club. Barney’s small hands (baby hands!) made it easy for him to escape from handcuffs. Oooooh, so Barney wasn’t a badass. Robin wasn’t a badass either, she actually won an award for being the most well-behaved guest at their hotel. And of course neither was Ted, he just took a picture in the stocks at the Renaissance Faire. Closure.

HIMYM S8E08 - Brad and Marshall

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Marshall felt like a total failure after his case. He even had a dream depicting the horrible future in which Frog Lake is a horrible wasteland of toxic sludge and throwing a pebble in the lake only angers the frog king (as opposed to the good deeds thing). And then later that night he actually saw Brad. Brad tells Marshall that after that case he remembered why he even got into law in the first place and took a job at Marshall’s firm instead. Marshall is hesitant to forgive Brad, but gives in when Brad entices him with an invite to Brunch (d’awww). Then Brad said something that convinced Marshall to go in front of the committee, that the judge on their case was a total idiot and that it’s people like Marshall (people with vision and integrity) who should be behind the bench. And that’s why Marshall wants to be a judge so that he can make real change (OMG :D).

HIMYM S8E08 - Robin

HIMYM – Twelve Horny Women

Back at the bar Barney and Robin are still being awkward when Barney says it’s time to talk about what happened. He doesn’t want it to be awkward between them anymore and that Robin can rest easy because he’s done trying to pursue a relationship with her. He’s done making a fool out of himself and he wants things to go back to being okay. He then gets up to get them both drinks and Robin lets out a huh. OMG WHAT DOES THAT HUH EVEN MEAN! D: :D

Then we’re treated to a flashback of them all walking home and Lily scaring the crap out the neighborhood children. Turns out she wasn’t lying about her story :)

Observations and Predictions

  • Oh my goodness Swarkles, throw a curb ball at me why don’t you!


How many times do you think I’ve watched and rewatched Brad’s Frog Lake video? I pretty much lost count. It’s just so magical and hypnotic and I love it. Can we just have an extended version? Anyway, I loved this episode. Recently it seems like most characters are being put on the back-burner to make room for Robin/Barney and (even though I’m completely fine with that) it’s nice to be have a Marshall-centric episode. It’s like a breath of fresh air before we have to dive back into the pool that is Swarkles.

Rating A

This episode was pure poetry (except for the whole badass thing, don’t even care about that). Marshall and Brad’s chemistry was hilarious and Barney and Robin moments will always elicit the best thoughts from me. The only reason why this episode is not an A+ is because the whole badass back story was just unnecessary. I’m pretty sure there could have been better ways to show the Barney/Robin awkwardness, but whatevs. I think I caught the Brad. :P

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