My Nail Polish Collection!

Here are the stats so far:

  • Color Club – 7
  • Essie – 10
  • Revlon – 10
  • OPI – 5
  • Pure Ice – 6
  • Sally Hansen – 20
  • Sinful Colors – 21
  • Wet n Wild – 12
  • And Misc. – 24

Coming to a total of: 117 bottles (as of Dec 5, 2012)

I’ve been wanting to make a nail polish collection video forever and it’s finally here! I wanted to make one in October after my birthday, but since I was in the midst of swatchathon I decided to wait until I was done swatching the majority of my collection. That way if somebody watching my video really wanted to see a certain color they could just come here and see what I thought about it. Perfect plan, right? So after knowing that I was so close to posting my last swatch post of the series I finally sat down and made the damn video. I was going to keep postponing until ALL of my collection was swatched since I haven’t swatched any of my purchases since this post at the beginning of November, but I decided against it. There’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m never going to be a 100% done swatching so why wait? I mean 70% swatched is better than nothing. :)

Originally I was going to just show how I organize my nail polish and swatches and then go through my favorite colors, but I figured since I’m still at a modest amount (modest compared to some videos I’ve watched) it wouldn’t kill me to name them all. You wouldn’t believe how much I had to cut out because I went on tangents about pretty much every polish I picked up (it was like swatchathon live). Good thing too because the original video without editing would have been an hour long and I know nobody wants to listen to me blabber on about nail polish for that long. If you do then you are a saint.

And now we come to the reason why I’m writing this post instead of just posting the video and being on my way: I want to talk about my collection. Or I guess to put it better, I want to explain my collection and it is a collection. I’ve watched a lot of nail polish collection videos and usually the first comment you see on them is “Holy crap that’s a lot of nail polish, you must be rich/in debt/super materialistic” and I guess I just want to explain that that’s not the reason preemptively.

Like I said, I’ve watched a lot of nail polish collection videos (I also follow a lot of nail polish blogs) and over the time I’ve come to realize that we all collect it for different reasons. Some people like to have complete collections where they go out and buy polishes from every collection (even if they don’t like the color or it’s a dupe) because the like they aspect of collecting them all. It’s like they’re playing Pokemon, but with nail polish and their objective is to complete their pokedex. Other people collect only the nail polish they like and they just happened to accumulate a lot of them. If they buy a dupe or a color that they don’t like they have no problem giving it away and their collection is very functional (ie: if they’re not using it, it goes in the swap pile). Their objective in Pokemon would be to build the strongest team and if the Pokemon they catch doesn’t have the correct nature or stats they will trade it for something better or release it. I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle and I think most of us are. I collect nail polishes that I think will work great for nail art or that will look good on their own, BUT if I find something rare or unique (or something with a hilarious name) no matter how much I would never wear the color I will keep it. Same goes for presents or nail polish that I bought when I started collecting, even if they’re not my style I will keep them FOREVER.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always had a collector attitude (probs why Pokemon was one of my favorite games, can you tell?), but I never really had anything to collect. I guess you could say I collected clothes and accessories (or if you really know me, small notebooks and sticky notes), but not in the same way at all. It wasn’t until I came across nail polish that I had something that I knew I wanted a lot of. Something that made me happy to wear and to find good deals on and something that I could definitely unleash my creativity with. It’s almost like we were meant to be. <3

I guess in a way this post was also to justify why I’ve been posting so much stuff about nail polish lately when (I swear) this is not a nail polish/beauty blog. Because in a way nail polish has become more than a beauty product to me and I just want to share that. Sure it gives me great looking nails, but it’s also a way in which I get to express myself. If you take the time to read most of my swatch posts the descriptions are not about me trying to get you to buy the nail polish (why should I care, really) and more about me explaining how a certain color makes me feel and what it reminds me of. Because that’s what this blog is at the end of the day, it’s about me. Sure it may be full of nail polish this week and maybe movie reviews the next, but at the base it’s really just about me and how I feel. I’m just expressing it in a different way.

PS: I’ll have a collection page with links to all of my swatch posts and nail polish stuff coming soon. Hell, maybe I’ll even be good and organize it by color or brand. ;)

PPS: I won’t be swatching anything new until after Christmas so you can rest easy for the next couple of weeks. No need to rush anything now that the video is up, right?

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