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The Wedding Planner [#HIMYM S8E13]

HIMYM S8E13 - Robin and Her Dad

HIMYM Season 8, Episode 13 | Date Aired: 01.14.13 | Name: Band or DJ?

This post was supposed to be up on Monday, but I was still in a food coma from the Super Bowl and Christmas and New Years, and hell if we’re going there, Thanksgiving. Though I guess technically this post should have been up a few weeks ago, but let’s not go there. It’s hard enough writing these while being distracted by the fact that ROBIN AND BARNEY ARE FINALLY TOGETHER that time has really stopped being a concern.

PS: I also really want to talk about how the series is being renewed for a ninth season, but I’ll get to that later. I guess I should take more time to process it.

Band or DJ?

HIMYM S8E13 - Lily

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Its been three days since Robin and Barney’s engagement (I get butterflies every time I type that) and stuff is going on! Little Marvin is constipated (wow, never thought I’d start a sentence that way) and Marshall and Lily are miserable. You can’t really blame them, Marvin is constantly crying and Lily hasn’t slept in January. Poor Ted has to listen to them talk about it, it’s so gross that he can’t even finish his chilli, when Robin walks into the bar. Lily is being super smooth and trying to convince Robin that she should help her plan the wedding, but it turns out that Robin already has a wedding planner: Ted. He set the date (May 25, 2013! OMG, are you as excited as I am?), picked out the place and the colors. Could this day get any worse for Lily? Opening!

HIMYM S8E13 - Barney and Robin

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Marshall manages to calm Lily down just in time for us to hear about what’s been happening with Robin and Barney. That morning while they were talking about how their engagement is pretty official (how could it not be, Barney’s panic attacks are getting further apart) Robin suggests that maybe it’s time for them to tell their parents. She assumes that her dad already knows, since Barney obviously asked for permission, but it turns out that she’s wrong. Instead of letting it go (I didn’t know that people still did this) they set up a lunch with her dad that afternoon. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when Robin’s dad walked in, but what I saw was pretty damn scary. Instead of the scotch-loving, gun-toting, emotionally distant man we’re used to seeing we got a man who wears Hawaiian shirts, gives hugs, uses facebook, loves memes and eats at a place called Pizzazzy’s! Not to mention he lives in New York and is with a new lady in his life named Carol (who, btw, is responsible for turning him into whatever this is). His new attitude embodies the credo “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” and as he said it himself, he’s fun now! Man that’s terrifying! Anyway, it seems like he’s still trying to get over his old prejudices because he can’t seem to get past Barney’s blonde hair. Speaking of Barney, he walks into the bar talking about how much he wants their wedding band to rock. He asks Lily for the band that they almost booked, but Ted keeps trying to steer them towards a DJ. Robin doesn’t want to book anything though because as it turns out her dad isn’t too keen on Barney and says no. *GASP!* Commercial!

Every time I seen Robin and Barney on-screen together I just want to jump up and down. I can’t even express how happy I am that they’re FINALLY together. Not to mention we have a date for the wedding! I’m dying here!

HIMYM S8E13 - Barney and Robin's Dad

HIMYM – Ring Up?

But don’t worry, Barney has a plan. He meets up with Robin’s dad the next day at the same restaurant and this time he means business. As in he dyed his hair black, oh man. He confronts Robin’s dad, letting him know that he’s very serious about marrying Robin, but Robin’s dad stops him there. He tells Barney that when he wanted to marry Robin’s mother he did the polite thing and slaughtered a whole family of bears with his bare hands and gave the pelts and meat to her father as a tribute. I don’t think Robin’s dad is as fun as he wants us to think.

HIMYM S8E13 - Ted, Marshall and Lily

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Back at the apartment, poor Marvin is still constipated and Lily doesn’t know what to do. Marshall tries to make sense of it all by suggesting that Marvin must have potty trained himself and sneaks off to the bathroom. He even says that they should ask Barney to see the tapes because he assumes that Barney must have cameras installed in their apartments (and honestly if you’re friends with him, you’d be a fool not to assume that).Β Robin walks in and Lily tells her the bad news, the wedding band that they wanted is already booked for that day. Robin seems a little distracted, but Ted doesn’t miss a beat in trying to sway her towards a DJ. Robin isn’t really paying attention though, she’s too busy being annoyed at her dad for sending her another friend request. So annoyed that she accepts despite being warned that she might be in for something she might not want to see. Something as horrible as Ted’s Mom’s 2,000 word review of 50 Shades of Gray, Marshall’s cheerleading pictures or endless requests to play Mafia-something.

HIMYM S8E13 - Barney, a gun and Robin's Dad

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Meanwhile at Barney’s apartment, her dad is egging Barney on to shoot a rabbit, but he can’t do it. Robin walks in, saving Barney from having to shoot Fluffernutter (his name for the rabbit). She confronts her dad about him having gotten married without telling her, while Barney and Fluffernutter hide behind her for safety. Her dad tells her about how it happened (at a Jimmy Buffett concert, who knew), but can’t really see what the big deal is about since he facebooked it. Robin is mad, so mad that she tells her dad that she and Barney are getting married without his permission and that since he didn’t see it fit to invite her to his wedding then he’s not invited to her’s. Oh snap! Commercial!

DAMN! Robin is fierce! Also, can Fluffernutter please be at the ceremony? He and Barney have great on-screen chemistry. :3

HIMYM S8E13 - Ted and Lily

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Back at the apartment, Lily just called the band’s manager to get the number for the people who booked them so that she could try bribing them for the date and we find out that it was Ted who booked them. WHAT? Yeah, I saw it coming too. Anyway, Marshall and Lily confront him and Ted’s love of Robin surfaces again. Lily takes him up the roof hoping that the cold will get him to talk about it so that they can resolve his problem. Ted doesn’t want to admit to anything, saying that he’s happy for Barney and Robin and that he was the one who told Robin to go after Barney in the first place. Lily doesn’t buy it though, she tells Ted that he thought he was okay letting go of Robin, but now that he knows she’s really gone it hurts. And man does it hurt. Lily gives Ted an out by admitting that sometimes she doesn’t want to be a mom anymore and that she wishes she could leave in the middle of the night and not come back. Upon hearing that Ted finally admits that Robin shouldn’t be with Barney, she should be with him and then he and Lily talk it out. Lily says that even though she never has time to paint anymore and is exhausted after spending the day taking care of kids only to come home and do the same that she just has to accept her lot in life: being a mom to a wonderful kid. She suggests that Ted does the same and let Robin and Barney get a band. Down in the apartment Marshall is changing Marvin’s clean diaper when the kid just cuts loose. I mean, confetti EVERYWHERE! Guess it was all the stress that was making him constipated? Kids pick up on that.

HIMYM S8E13 - Robin's Dad

HIMYM – Ring Up?

That night Robin and her dad meet one more time at, you guessed it, Pizzazzy’s! Her dad apologizes for not having told Robin about the wedding and goes one step further by saying that since there’s nothing that could make up for it he asked Carol for a divorce. Of course. All Robin wanted was for her dad to be normal for a change and go to her wedding, give her away, smile and dance with her. He meets her in the middle: one dance to Cheeseburger in Paradise, sung by Carol. She tells Ted all of this later at the bar, adding in that her father had never once apologized to her and that Barney must love her a lot to have made it happen. Ted seems to have taken Lily’s words to heart because when he says that he’s happy for them it really looks like he means it. Doesn’t stop him from suggesting a DJ though.

HIMYM S8E13 - Cindy

HIMYM – Ring Up?

Four Months later Ted is riding the subway talking to his ex-girlfriend Cindy and her partner. He tells them about the band canceling on Barney and Robin’s wedding and guess what! Cindy had just had brunch with her ex-roommate who… wait for it… is a bass player for the best wedding band in the tri-state area! They have an opening that weekend and you guessed it, they play at Barney and Robin’s wedding. And that, dear reader, is what we call fate. :D

Observations and Predictions

  • What was up with Robin’s voice in this episode? I want to say that she was sick, but they never really mentioned it so I’m not really sure.
  • Not an observation, just an I Told You So: THE MOTHER IS IN THE BAND! I knew it. :3


I really don’t know where to start on this. I though Robin’s story line was really cute and very Robin. She didn’t have to ask for her dad’s permission (or maybe she did, I don’t know how they do things in Canada), but she was willing to postpone her wedding until her dad accepted Barney as his potential son-in-law. She’s a very independent woman, but at the end of the day she just really wants her dad to love her and be part of her life.

The best part of the episode was definitely Ted and Lily’s scene on the roof. I’ve seen a lot of people being annoyed by Ted still being hung-up on Robin, but I think it’s to be expected. You don’t just get over someone like that and I don’t think it hit Ted that he was NEVER going to be with Robin until now. Sure, he was ready to give her up romantically when he was going to marry Victoria, but that was because he thought he was finally going to get the level of commitment that he had been wanting for the past eight years. When he told Robin to go after Barney in the last episode I don’t think it was because he was 100% over her, but more because he knew how much Robin loves Barney and he would never be able to live with himself if he didn’t tell her about Barney’s plan. Not to mention the fact that Ted didn’t expect Robin and Barney to get engaged that night, he probably thought they were just going to date again and who knows if that would have lasted. Either way, I don’t really expect Ted to be fully over Robin until he sees her and Barney get married.

Oh, and let’s not forget Lily’s part of the scene. As heartbreaking as it was to see Ted broken up about Barney and Robin, it was so much harder to see Lily talk about leaving Marshall and Marvin. I know she doesn’t mean it and I know she’s just a little exhausted, but that brought back memories of seeing her leave Marshall to go to San Francisco and that just made me cry. This entire scene really, it was amazing. I love seeing Ted and Lily’s bromance.

Rating A+

What can I say, this episode had everything that I like. It had Robin and Barney moments, a beautiful moment between Ted and Lily, Robin’s dad was pretty hilarious, we now know the date of the wedding AND BARNEY DYED HIS HAIR! OH, AND THE MOTHER! Any episode that shows me even a glimpse of her is A+ in my book!

One thought on “The Wedding Planner [#HIMYM S8E13]

  1. I’m beyond happy myself that Robin and Barney are finally together for good. It was about time. And yes, this was a great episode.

    I thought that Robin or better Cobie Smulders had a bad cold and that’s why her voice was so off.

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