Decembergrams 2013

Some of my favorite posts are instagram recap posts. You know, real recap posts. Posts with descriptions and stories and nostalgia. And since one of my favorite things to do is write what I like to read here are some of my favorite moments from December, filters and all. :)

When you know you know. ♡♥♡♥

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A moment where Bambi was still enough to let me take a picture of her AND a selfie where I look like a cute human being? I see this picture as no less than a MIRACLE! It will continue to be my profile picture until I die. Or you know, until I have a good hair day.

Look who followed me home today! #minecraft

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It’s been a while since I’ve played me some Minecraft (curse you adult responsibilities!), but I still love me some Minecraft, ESPECIALLY the piggies! I found this little guy at Walgreens and now he lives on my desk. I love looking at him every morning and reminiscing about my adventures in SuprMario World.

There's this game PB and I like to play. #pitbull #dogsofinstagram

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I love Pitbull, don’t you. In fact it is my life’s work to document every cute thing he does. He makes it impossible most of the time because he is the definition of unpredictable, but I make do. This is a little game we play where he makes me throw something for him and he pretends to leave the room, but oh, here he comes! Let’s do it again!

Someone complimented my hair at Target today so I had to take a celebratory parking lot #selfie.

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I don’t know about you, but my hair has been a mess for the last year. I can’t say that I’ve been taking great care of it. Sooooo whenever someone compliments it my day is automatically made! This is one of those days and this selfie is proof that I looked cute enough for a compliment from a stranger even if it was for just a moment. I look at it whenever I’m feeling down and my hair just isn’t cooperating. D:

Did I photobomb PB or was it the other way around? #pitbull #dogsofinstagram

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MIRACLES! This is me and my little buddy PB. Don’t we look so happy? <3

Finally got one with my good girl Pepper. ♥ #weimaraner #dogsofinstagram

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December was my month for dog photography. Maybe it was the fear of not getting something from Santa that I instilled in them. Or maybe they finally realized that they love me, but these dogs finally let me take selfies with them and for that I am grateful. :3 This is me and my main girl Pepper, the most neurotic and crazy Weimaraner that ever existed. Aren’t we so sassy?

Oh Orly Frisky, how much I love thee. Even though you photograph a lot more green in pictures and you force me to use filters to get you closer to what you look like in real life you’re still one of my favorite blues EVER. Such a shame I couldn’t capture China Glaze Some Like It Haute’s awesome holographic goodness either. Oh well, this NOTD still makes me smile. :)

Just in case you forgot how adorable Bambi is. 💞 Also I think I'm getting sick again. 😷

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Who is the cutest Chihuahua in the world? Do I even have to ask?!? If only I could capture every cute thing that Bambi does. I’m just thankful she didn’t walk away when I pulled out my phone like she usually does. ALSO EARS! I COULD JUST EAT THEM! :3

I see what you did there.

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Sometimes you’re having a rough day and then you see something that almost makes you pee your pants at Target. Thank you Jon Klassen, I’ll read your words to my kids someday. :)

I spy tuna fish, celery, olives, hard-boiled eggs and… do you even want to know what more? 😖 #latergram

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Uuuuh, this is green jello salad. It’s full of tuna fish, hard-boiled eggs, celery… sorry about that, just had to go throw up… olives. And there’s more, probably the dreams of little children and eye of newt. Anyway, this is Colin’s family tradition and it’s always fun to see. I’m told that I’m going to have to at least taste it one day. Uh, yeah. Sure. D:

A happy accident. Who knew inability to put on scarves would look so chic!

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I always forget the magic of the headscarf. This little piece of awesome happened when my circle scarf got stuck on my head and I never looked back. I feel like I was channeling the spirit of little red riding hood, but in the chic-est way possible.

Pitbulls are natural lap dogs. #dogsofinstagram #pitbull

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Poor little PB got scared because our neighbors were letting off fireworks. He climbed on Colin for protection and proceeded to sit on him for 20-some minutes. I know it was a while because when I checked back Colin was fast asleep. Apparently Pitbulls are excellent lap dogs and blankets.

I’m really glad this was my last picture of 2013. :)

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